Are games good for health and do they connect people?

The issue of games and their impact on people has been a never-ending debate for many years. For some it is uninteresting, unnecessary for others, and very important for others. Unfortunately, many discussions on this subject lead nowhere, because those interested are guided by subjective judgment and their experiences, not facts and objectivity. So if you would like to find out what are the advantages of games, and whether they have a good or bad impact on health, and then assess with us whether they work on people, please read the following article!
People are still wondering if games are good for health and whether they connect people. Trying to answer the first part of the question, it is important to remember that many factors contribute to the answer. It is therefore difficult to determine whether games have a positive impact on our health based only on one species, on one type of game, or on one community. So what should you pay attention to when assessing the impact of games on our health? As we mentioned above, you definitely need to keep in mind the game genre and its type. Whether we play a logical, arcade, racing or brutal shooter game has a huge impact.
Logic games usually allow us to develop abstract thinking. Full Version Games They force us to mental effort, and thus improve our thought processes. They are an incredibly interesting option and a very good alternative to such logic games as chess or checkers. Of course, other types of games can also have a positive impact on people. For example, arcade games are a great way to make time lighter and de-stress. It is also worth mentioning the game genre, which has gained popularity in recent years – simulators. Seemingly, this is not the type of game that could affect our health in any way. However, simulators from some manufacturers are so realistic that they actually represent a successful simulation of a given aspect of life. For this reason, games of this type can teach us interesting things. Even action games can have a positive impact on our health by providing us with some kind of catharsis.
Movement games deserve a separate paragraph. We are talking here not only about productions such as Just Dance, or others using kinect or other systems that map our movements. I’m also talking about games such as Pokemon GO, where we have to walk, visit and simply participate physically in the game to benefit from it. These types of games are the perfect solution for improving our physical health.
Or maybe bad?
Unfortunately, every stick has two ends and the same with games. The biggest problem of games is not how they were prepared or what they present, but who plays them. Very often, it is the players who create problems and negatively affect the image of the game. Users often get too involved in the game and if they do not get out, they get upset. Instead of resting, they stress more and more, which leads to more serious problems. The issue of controlling anger is most often seen in social games, which by many players are considered to be a habitat of negativity, toxicity and venom in some sense. Playing such a game rarely brings entertainment and is in no way healthy.
The violation is also contentious. For some, it’s a great game, for others, mentally vulnerable, it can be the germ of psychological problems that can lead to tragedy.
Are games good for health and whether they connect people – a summary
The good impact of games on health is certainly visible. Unfortunately, it’s the same with problems. It is therefore difficult to determine in one sentence whether games are good for health and whether they connect people. However, we must remember that if properly used, they provide a lot of fun and can certainly bring a lot of good.